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Almost every woman longs for full, sensual lips and firmer, younger-looking skin. Seeking to give women affordable, effective options for enhancing their natural beauty, Paula Frank and Ruthie Menendez teamed up to launch Great Faces RX®. Now our smoothing facial treatments and glosses for instant plump lips are available to women everywhere, so you can look your best for less.

Our History

Paula and Ruthie have both worked in the skin care and cosmetic industry for more than 20 years as medical aestheticians in plastic surgeons' offices. A few years ago, lip plumpers hit the market with a splash, but there was one problem: achieving instant plump lips was pricey.

Using their medical knowledge and industry experience, Paula and Ruthie developed a cosmeceutical-grade lip plumper that also serves as a lip treatment. The goal of creating a product that provided instant plump lips while not harming the sensitive skin around the mouth led to Great Lips RX®, a colorless treatment for fuller lips. Now, these high-quality lip plumpers and smoothing facial treatments are available at a moderate price, because being beautiful shouldn't cost a fortune.

Additionally, a portion of the proceeds from Great Faces RX® benefits local breast cancer charities, aiding survivor foundations and helping to pay for mammograms for women who cannot afford them.

Our Products

At Great Faces RX®, we believe that beautiful skin and full lips should be available to any woman – regardless of her budget.

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If you are interested in attaining instant plump lips with our lip enhancing gloss, or younger-looking skin with our smoothing facial treatments, contact Great Faces RX® today! Our quality products can help you boost your natural beauty for a fresh, fabulous face.

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If you are interested in ordering our products for instant plump lips or our smoothing facial treatments, contact Great Faces RX® today!

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